Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 for Sunday

back to something a little more 5 of my favorite romance novels!

ShannaShanna- Kathleen Woodiwiss  "Shanna is a brat, but I'd like my own Ruark."

Jezebel's SisterJezebel's Sister- Emily Carmichael
"Wild West hookers meet a Christian wagon train led by a wanted man...I laughed out loud at this one"

A Rose in WinterRose In Winter- Kathleen Woodiwiss
"We should all have our own Christopher..."

Scandalous (Banning Sisters Trilogy)Scandalous- Karen Robards 
"Ummm, what dead brother? He won't mind us spending his money- really!"

Product Details Devil's Desire- Laurie Mc Bain   "Elysia & Alex are a hoot as they learn to love each other"

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